the goal of this film is to have a tangible impact on the criminal justice system and create awareness surrounding issues of wrongful convictions and false confessions. Ideally, this film will find a way to be integrated into the curriculum amongst law students, law enforcement, forensic psychologists, and more. 
a first of its kind reenactment...
In order to make the audience truly understand what it is like to be under the pressure of an interrogation, first time filmmaker Nicole Guillen embarked on creating an experimental reenactment of an interrogation scene. With the help of a former police detective and FBI researcher, the scene was scripted and modeled after a real Reid-like interrogation. Nicole gathered actors and a small crew to bring this scene to life, which mimics the high pressure environment and coercive tactics used by law enforcement in an interrogation room. 
In the film, this scene is dissected and explained by a team of false confessions experts, criminal defense lawyers, former law enforcement officials, and exonerees. This is not only crucial to the story arch of the film, but can be used as an educational tool to display why the Reid Technique is a main factor in contributing to false confessions.
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